Spy the Movie
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Spy The Movie
Ben Curtis (the Dell Kid) as Jonathan
Vincent Pastore (the Sopranos) as Dante
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Business Model

Streaming Media
  Executive Summary
Patent Pending

  • Feature film production.
  • Development of an entertaining and compelling web presence in order to pre-market our films for distribution in theaters, on cable, video, DVD, etc.
  • To produce independent, low budget, theatrical feature films.
  • To attract, grow and maintain a large web following of potential filmgoers and filmmakers.
  • Visitors to the Spythemovie.com website can observe and experience our OpenProductionSM, guerilla style, film making process in real-time.
  • To be an educational facility and industry resource for video and filmmakers.
Revenue Model
  • Feature film sales and distribution revenues.
  • Advertising/sponsorship revenue and product sales generated by Spythemovie.com and affiliate websites.
  • Revenue generated by hosting other film and DV productions.
Economic Advantages
  • The cast and crew (Production Team) of our films will earn FilmSharesSM, entitling those individuals to participate in a film's revenue distributions for five years from first sale.
  • The number of documented visitors to, and registered users of the website will give our films greater value for negotiations with film distributors.
Current Production SPY, the story of a man who falls in love with a woman he is paid to spy on, and then tries to save her from a fate she cannot flee.

Visitors to the SPYtheMovie.com website can follow how SPY is budgeted, produced, directed, edited and marketed, online and real-time, in a new and entertaining format. They can go behind the scenes, see auditions, look up bios of cast and crew, watch interviews from the set, view SPY's contracts, print out production forms, and more.
Strategic Partner Opportunities
  • Film production companies as co-producers.
  • Media companies which will help attract visitors to the website.
  • Networks and studios which may want to license our site.
  • Film producers and distributors desiring new marketing opportunities for their films.
Timetable SPY is currently in post-production. Producer, director, DP and other production team members are in place.
Spy The Movie

Ben Curtis
Ben Curtis

Vincent Pastore
Vincent Pastore

Spy The Movie
Welcome to ShootingDV

Spy The Movie
Welcome to SPYtheMovie

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Spy The Movie

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