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Alexander Klymko

Alex began making 8mm animated short films in the fourth grade. His passion for motion pictures was evident throughout his childhood. His early works were impressive enough to win numerous state competitions and led to the creation of a visual arts department in his high school, which he headed throughout.

Klymko chose New York University Film School to hone his craft. Numerous academic scholarships made it financially possible for him to attend. He quickly demonstrated a talent for writing and technical craftsmanship. He graduated with honors, and several award-winning experimental films while supporting himself throughout those lean years devoted to study, as a freelancer, ready and willing to take on responsibility and challenges in the film industry.

He has been comfortably employed in the film industry for nearly two decades, and has confidently worked in all areas of film production. His diversified skills have taken him around the world. Klymko has helped document new Capitalism in China, oil exploration in the North Sea and has interviewed such distinguished Statesmen as Henry Kissinger, Mario Cuomo and William Bennet. He worked closely with Richard Brick, former NYC Film Commissioner, and Director Joe Vasquez on New Line Cinema's, Hangin' With The Home Boys, where he learned first hand the creative and financial challenges of making low budget features. Moreover, he has worked with Global economic leaders such as John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems, Scott McNealy, CEO of Sun Microsystems, Lou Gerstner, CEO of IBM and great thinkers like Ester Dyson and Bill Moyars on a multitude of Industrial, Corporate and Educational projects.

In 1992 Klymko formed HEAL. Since its inception, the production-company has attained a formidable track record servicing such clients as HBO, Merrill Lynch, Pfizer, Novo Nordisk, The Harry Walker Agency, Hotskins Danceware, and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Soon after Klymko began focusing HEALs resources on feature film production.

Klymko's first award winning first feature; A Killing has been compared to works of Kubrick, Polanski, and Fassbinder. His short films, The Lost Bonds, Who is Harry Walker?, and Looking Forward have aired nationally on HBO and cable. He has been dubbed a 'Prolific Worker' and 'Tireless Motivator' by casts and crews. He has put his mark on countless Industrial, Promotional, Educational and Medical projects and produced many dramatic narratives including Marcus Hahn's award winning Short, Burning Bridges, and Micky Faust's full length romantic thriller Fare Well Miss Fortune.

Klymko displays a distinguished prowess and confidence in his command of set and talent. He has the ability to paint movies with a unique intelligence and edge that he draws from his multicultural upbringing, technical experience, and imagination. Klymko is a film-maker, greatly inspired by his family, wife and two children. He works diligently with both cast and crew and is able to produce amazing results with limited financial resources.



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