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Ben Curtis (the Dell Kid) as Jonathan
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Tuesday August 13, 11:43 am Eastern Time

Press Release

SOURCE: SPY Productions, LLC

SPY, "Reality TV" Film Production, Introduces the Revolutionary Convergence of Feature Filmmaking and the Internet

Spy on SPY, your Free Admission Ticket to a Movie in the Making, Developed by ShootingDV.com

NEW YORK--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--Aug. 13, 2002-- SPY Productions, LLC (www.SPYtheMovie.com) announces the start of pre-production on the feature film, SPY, with co-producer/co-director team James MacPherson (Prime Suspects) and Alex Klymko (A Killing, Farewell Miss Fortune).

SPY is being co-produced with ShootingDV Feature Film Productions (www.ShootingDV.com) a feature film production and marketing company.

The film, a psychological thriller, will be shot on digital video and 16mm film for a 35mm release. The digital format is part of the esthetic of the story; a man falls in love with a woman he is being paid to spy on and then tries to save her from a fate she cannot flee.

The SPY production marks the unique and groundbreaking convergence of feature film production and the Internet. Through their OpenProduction(SM) environment, the SPYtheMovie and ShootingDV websites allow anyone - filmmakers and filmgoers alike - to follow, in detail, the actual production of SPY, online and realtime.

SPY's entire filmmaking process, from auditions, contracts and filming, to editing and marketing is presented on the web. Visitors to SPYtheMovie.com and ShootingDV.com can go 'behind the scenes', download auditions, see the budget, read production meeting notes - become fully engaged in every aspect of the film's production - as the cast and crew of SPY embark on this revolutionary filmmaking endeavor.

SPYtheMovie.com and ShootingDV.com also serve as educational facilities and industry resources for video and filmmakers. The sites allow aspiring filmmakers to follow and learn, step by step, about the process of filmmaking. Contracts are available for viewing and budget models and production forms can be freely downloaded by registered users.

These entertaining and educational websites, the first of their kind, are a meaningful extension of the popular reality TV trend.

By attracting and maintaining a large web following, the co-producers will be pre-marketing SPY for future distribution in theaters, on cable, video and DVD.

ShootingDV Feature Film Productions, SPY's co-producer, provides marketing and promotional services for feature film and video producers and is the creator of the OpenProduction(SM) filmmaking environment.

CONTACT: Movida Public Relations
Claudia Cruz, 917/821-6339
or ShootingDV Feature Film Productions
James MacPherson, 212/508-4577
Spy The Movie

Ben Curtis
Ben Curtis

Vincent Pastore
Vincent Pastore

Spy The Movie
Welcome to ShootingDV

Spy The Movie
Welcome to SPYtheMovie

Real Klymko

Spy The Movie

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