Spy the Movie
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Spy The Movie
Ben Curtis (the Dell Kid) as Jonathan
Vincent Pastore (the Sopranos) as Dante
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A romantic thriller

A man falls in love with a woman he is spying on and tries to save her from a fate she does not wish to flee.

Internet wizard and surveillance expert Jonathan Looke fled the messiness and pain of human relationships for the unthreatening online world. He falls in love with a woman whose stolen images he is paid to capture with web cameras. He watches her as an aura of physical danger increasingly enshrouds her.

They are soon drawn into a web of intrigue, as the woman is also being watched by others.

They meet, and the woman (SUSAN) and Jonathan soon begin an intimate relationship. Jonathan is in conflict. Should he reveal his professional identity to warn Susan and risk his opportunity to gain her love?

Jonathan does tell Susan his real identity and she walks out on him, in anger, after his confession.

Jonathan frantically tries to locate her, leaving behind the safety of his cyberworld and rushing headlong into a dangerous and unpredictable real world.

Susan finally reappears, and tells Jonathan the shocking secrets of her past. She enlists Jonathan's help to bring down the underworld men who forced her father's involvement in unethical scientific experiments and who destroyed her youth.

We race through an exciting and unpredictable conclusion...where no 'one' and no 'thing' is as we expected.

SPY... The only thing to expect is the unexpected".

Spy The Movie

Ben Curtis
Ben Curtis

Vincent Pastore
Vincent Pastore

Spy The Movie
Welcome to ShootingDV

Spy The Movie
Welcome to SPYtheMovie

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Spy The Movie

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