Spy the Movie
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Spy The Movie
Ben Curtis (the Dell Kid) as Jonathan
Vincent Pastore (the Sopranos) as Dante
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Film Production Company is a producer of independent, low budget, theatrical feature films.

We have developed this website as an entertainment destination and industry resource for filmgoers and filmmakers.

Visitors to this site can observe and experience our guerilla style filmmaking process in an OpenProductionSM environment, on-line and in real-time.

Our first feature film production is SPY. It tells the story of a man who falls in love with a woman he is paid to watch and then tries to save her from a fate she does not wish to flee. You can also find the production via www.spytheMovie.com.

Film Production Company "puts the power and potential profit of filmmaking in the hands of the filmmakers" with our FilmSharesSM program. This program allows Film Production Company filmmakers to recruit some of the best talent (actors, directors, cast, crew, writers, editors, etc.) the independent film world has to offer. Each individual contributes time and talent in their area of expertise and, in so doing, become "investors" in the film project.

Come see the future of film... in the making.

Spy The Movie

Ben Curtis
Ben Curtis

Vincent Pastore
Vincent Pastore

Spy The Movie
Welcome to ShootingDV

Spy The Movie
Welcome to SPYtheMovie

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Spy The Movie

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